FREE SOFTWARE! Like Microsoft Office and Adobe Photoshop [18+]

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At we attempt to minimize our customer's cost by installing and utilizing free software such as demonstrated in this video. This is how we are able to keep our cost to a bare minimum and less than half of what the Geeksquad might charge during a normal service call! Plus we offer a "You don't pay unless we fix it" policy. And a price cap on all of our work orders ensuring that you'll never be overcharged again.

Call 877.Geek.Tek (433.5835) for more info or please visit our website at

We at GeekTeks are very proud NOT to be associated with Best Buy and the Geeksquad.

All of our teks are highly experienced and therefore skilled. Our teks usually have at least three certifications: A+, Net+, and Sec+. Although we don't feel the certifications are really the most important qualification of a good tek, we understand they are important in the eyes of most consumers. Finally, our teks undergo a complete and thorough background check.

Unlike the Geeksquad and other well-known computer repair service centers, not only do you not pay UNLESS we fix it, but also, you do not pay UNTIL we fix it. We do not charge your account UNTIL after we have obtained your signature on our invoice indicating your complete %100 satisfaction with both our service and charges as they appear on the invoice. By implementing these policies into the framework of our SOP, we are able to build trust in our business and renew consumer confidence.

Our company likes to be as transparent as possible to the consumer. Why? Because we have absolutely nothing to hide. See, when your an honest company, you can implement honest policies such as ours without fear of consumer fraud. We trust our customers and we know that our customers trust us. And that is just the way a good honest business in America should run.

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