Niko Discovers Saints Row: The Third

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Say what you will about the console versions of Grand Theft Auto IV, but the PC version is capable of being just as ridiculous as Saints Row: The Third, if not more.

Very special thanks to:
sjaak327 for Simple Native Trainer
quechus13 for the Minecraft Player Model
Dr. Dean for bringing Max Payne to IV
LBQ2TS for the fantastic reskins
Switch Designs for the lightsaber and axe
HippieCommunist for his ModPack
icelaglace and Boris for making IV look so much better
bammargera for Claude and Tommy
MrSnazTastic for the zombie peds
Jack Thompson for all the laughs he has given us over the years

Note: Don't get me wrong - I'm sure Saints Row: The Third will be an exceptional game. I just felt like poking fun at some of those silly comments on the net.

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