Ghost Rider 2 Ghostrider Goes Wild

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Ghost Rider is a motorcycle stunt rider based in Stockholm, Sweden. He stars in a number of motorcycle movies comprising journeys through uncontrolled and unstaged roads and highways at obviously highly illegal speeds. One of the most notorious of these journeys is the "Uppsala Run" in Ghost Rider: The Final Ride, 2002. This trip covers 68 km of continuous travel from Stockholm to Uppsala in less than 15 minutes (this equates to an average speed 270 km/h (168 mph) over the period) on standard traffic laden highways.

The videos can be described as continuous traffic violations, with excessive speeds and improper passing being most prominent. Other incidents include weaving through highway traffic at 180 mph (300 km/h), evading police pursuits and resisting arrests. Another recurring theme in the Ghost Rider videos is the harassment of police officers, who have little hope of catching the protagonist.

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