The Time Machine II - Atonement (2010) Conceptual Teaser Trailer

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This is a conceptual Teaser Trailer (long version) for "The Time Machine II Atonement", a proposed...
This is a conceptual Teaser Trailer (long version) for "The Time Machine II Atonement", a proposed sequel to the 2002 movie "The Time Machine" starring Guy Pearce. In TTM2 - Atonement: 800,000 years in a devastated future - Professor Alexander Hartdegen remains haunted by his failure to change the past. With the help of Vox, his computer simulated friend, he has been building a new life with his wife Mara and the Eloi people. But when strange forces attack the earth disrupting the space time continuum, and the surprising appearance of an old acquaintance with horrific news from the past, Hartdegen must finally confront his own selfish desires and risk everything to stop a former student, who has stolen a time machine, from destroying not only the earth but potentially all that exists. Can Hartdegen atone for his past and set things right again? An epic journey to the very end of time! This is an original story written by James A & Pamela S McCarthy based on the 2002 movie by Simon Wells and characters created by H.G. Wells. The original screenplay for TTM2 - Atonement has been registered with the WGA-W, has a Copyright, and is available for review to executives at DreamWorks, WB or other individuals interested in producing this as a feature length motion picture. Please make your requests to the authors at the following email - McCarthy.Screenplaysgmail****. Please be prepared to provide proof of identity and your direct contact information.