Eclipse Book Recap: Chapter 4 "Nature"

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*******Twitter****/ClevverTV - Follow Us! ******* Blog! SPOILER ALERT! Don't watch if you h...
*******Twitter****/ClevverTV - Follow Us! ******* Blog! SPOILER ALERT! Don't watch if you haven't read the books. Chapter 4 "Nature" Its been a really bad week for Bella Victorias back and shes completely paniced. Graduation is still a few weeks off, and Bella is thinking shed be mush safer and much better off if she werent human. Everyone, including Carlisle tries to console her telling her that there are 7 of them and only 1 of her. Plus, the original plan is much better for Charlie too. Bella, whos always quick to question anything, asks Alice why, if they all seemed so confident they could protect her, had Edward wanted to whisk her away to Florida? Alice of course reminds her of Edwards over-protectiveness factorand Bella just comes to terms with the fact that her life includes being stalked by a wild vampireno biggie right? Pop Quiz: Do you agree with Jacob that he is still human, just not a normal human? Or do you think he is a totally different species all together. Let us know by leaving a comment below!