Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) Review / Buyer's Guide(Pt. 1)

By: SilverMongooseVideos


Uploaded on May 31, 2009 by SilverMongooseVideos Powered by YouTube

This video will be the first of two that quickly give an overview of Nintendo's big break in the videogame industry, the NES (Nintendo Entertainment System). It covers...
-General overview (Pt. 1)
-Controllers (Pt. 1)
-Tips on making your games work (Pt 2)
-Games (Pt 2)
-Prices (Pt. 2)

Hopefully this will help you decide if you want to buy one.
Its my first video so please by kind. Suggestions welcome.

EDIT: Man, I am really not pleased with the way this turned out after seeing all my newer ones. Maybe I'll redo it someday...

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