How to Fake Caller ID

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How to Fake Caller ID Zorrosms App new
Caller ID Faker , Fake a call ! SMS Fake Sender ID
Caller ID Faker - SMS Fake Sender ID
Fake Caller ID on Phone: Now you can call someone using a fake Caller ID.

The First Mobile App. In The World : ZORROSMS

What is the Zorrosms Application ?

Itis a mobil Application, youcan install it in yourmobile phone
Application : " jar -Java " Size :400 KB

Make Your MobilePhone Number Appear.
As : Private number , Alphabets , Numbers , Invisibl , Images or Symbols , another number

Features Of Zorrosms application

Ability to change the sender phone number.
As : Numbers.e.g.12345678911
As : Alphabets.e.g.SantaClaus
As : Invisibl
As: Images or Symbols

Ability to to change Caller id.
As : Private number
As : Another numbers.e.g.12345678911

Use the App.without the need for GPRS-internet servicein your mobile
Multilingualism: where you can changethe App.lang to any lang you want
Supports all lang of the world.write amessage in the language you want.
List of all country codes. To facilitateinternational Calls and SMS.
The application is compatible with alltypes of mobile phones.
All phone models support receivingmessages and call from the App.
Supports all the communications networksof local and international.
Direct access to the phonebook forselecting the receiver.
Characterized by rapid technology tosend messages and to make .calls.
Separate screen for editing the SMSmessages with a character counter.
Fund to save sent messages and dialledcall.
Fund to Save and send messages at alater time.
A list of help and instructions in theapplication.
Flexible interface & effect for menus &buttons of the Application * Is easy touse

Application does not need to recharge or buy recharge cards
All you need is to install the application on your cell phone and use it

Want to play tricks on your friends?
Send them messages that appear to have come from their own phone number or from their girlfriends'

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