J.Reyez - Little Miss Innocent Ft. Chris Jackson (Official Video)

By: JReyez


Uploaded on September 09, 2010 by JReyez Powered by YouTube

Music video by J.Reyez featuring Chris Jackson performing Little Miss Innocent
Directed by: Tom Antos
Beat Produced by: Dalla$

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Little Miss Innocent
although you may have them all fooled
girl I know the truth (I know, I know)
I know what you're up (I know what you're up to now)
frontin' like you're so shy but it's a disguise
cause' you're stealing this heart of mine
I know what you do
girl I'm onto you

(verse 1)
and it's hard to explain it
but I'll try again lets start with the basics
this girl got me intrigued
good girl but it's hard to believe
I don't know if she the type I would kick it with
she seem like she the wife I could live it with
if she rides I don't know what I've driven in
if it was race I don't know when I'm finishing
I see the front like she's Little Miss Innocent
I see the back and I see a big difference
tight jeans, long shirt keeps it covered up
I'm confused I don't know if I discovered love
If it is then you got me confused girl
I feel like I'm in two worlds
and usually I don't mind the wait
to find out but I ain't got time to waste

(verse 2)
and she tries to blend in
she acts like she's independent
Louis V bags but that ain't yours girl
she don't stop, she a back-for-more-girl
guys giving her compliments
but really, what is that accomplishing?
just a boost to her ego
you don't get it but I guarantee she knows
always playing mind games
sorry miss that don't fit in my time frame
and that's the type she is
she really shops at "The Bay" she a "hyphy" b*tch
she in control and she got them all staring
they're all turning heads to check what she wearing
without caring but I don't believe her
whatever you see, first do your research

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