RuneScape : How to Brew (Commentated)

By: Ollie D'Amico


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A simple guide on how to brew ales in Keldagrim using the brewing method of cooking. ~Materials~ 1) Purchase your main ingredient 2)Purchase 2 barley malt 3)Purchase 1 ale yeast 4)Have two buckets of water ~Brewing~ 1)Place the two buckets of water in the vat 2)Place the barley malt in the vat 3)Place your main ingredient in the vat 4)Place the ale yeast in the vat 5)Patiently wait/Do something for 24 hours. ~Harvesting~ 1)Have either 2 calquat kegs or 8 beer glasses 2)Twist the valve from the vat 3)Harvest the product from the barrel 4)Sell or consume -Quotarix
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