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It is the story of 12th Century of India, when nor Jesus or Allah had stepped in this country. It was the time when there was no one to fight with Shiv or Vishnu. So, there were a fight between the devotees of Vishnu and Shiv.The King Kulothunga Chola II was a Shiv devotee and ordered to remove the idol of Vishnu from Nataraja Chidambaram Temple and to dispose it in the Bay of Bengal.However, Rangaraja Nambi (Kamal Haasan), a Vaishnavite, tries to stop the King from disposing his deity. Uncovering Nambi's plans to stop the idol's disposal, the King tells him to renounce his belief or be destroyed along with his idol. Nambi refuses to bow to any other God, despite pleas from his wife, Kothai Radha, (Asin Thottumkal) and their son, and is subsequently tied to the huge idol and both are thrown in the Bay of Bengal.

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