AXE Chickipedia - What Girls Say VS What They Really Mean - Ep 02 [18+]

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Ever had trouble understanding what your girlfriend wants from you? Watch how to understand what women say and what they really mean by it. In this episode you'll be introduced to a few confusing situations that girls put guys into. Bindass Chickipedia will teach you how to deal with such situations without upsetting your girlfriend. For all men who have been TORTURED by their girlfriends, it's high time you say no to her tantrums and mood swings! Bindass Chickipedia will ensure that from now on you will learn more and suffer less! A dummies' guide to understanding women and knowing how to deal with them when they put you in a spot. These hilarious webisodes will explore the stereotypes, revel in clichés and exploit the common notions about the fairer sex, all in good humor. NEW EPISODE EVERY MONDAY! The exclusive web series features 2 interesting segments namely: Chickiquote: Women are God's way of making men experience heaven and hell long before they die. Chicktionary: A segment that is focused on redefining women. This week's definition: Boyfriend (Noun): A simple guy who can be transformed by girls into a banker, a poet, a servant, a driver, a bodyguard and even a punching bag! Situations featured in this episode are: How should a man react when a woman says "Sure, go ahead". What should a guy do when his girlfriend says "5 minutes". When a girl says "I'm not upset" how should her boyfriend tackle the tricky situation. Shit indian girls say. Upcoming episodes: How to deal with different types of women, What do they say and what do they actually mean, How women confuse men, what do they do to get whatever they want and many more. Subscribe to now for the latest updates on Bindass Chickipedia. Follow us on Share your crazy girlfriend problems: #chickipedia Brought to you by: The Association of Oppressed Men #oppressedmen
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