Extraordinary Animals in the Womb

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Opening a window on the amazing journeys and survival strategies of sharks, kangaroos, penguins and wasps from conception to birth.

From the makers of the critically acclaimed In the Womb series Rocket Rights presents Extraordinary Animals in the Womb. DVD available from www.rocketrights.com.Made for Channel 4 and National Geographic Channel, This film uncovers the incredible stories of how four extraordinary animals develop from conception to birth.

The Shark its cannibalistic embryos will eat their own brothers to survive.

The Emperor Penguin its egg-bound chicks must battle the coldest weather on the planet

The Kangaroo its underdeveloped young will undergo an exceptionally premature birth ..

The Parasitic Wasp its larvae must hijack and exploit the body of another creature

In a television first innovative new technologies bring these stories to life, ground breaking photography takes us inside the pouch of a kangaroo and for the first time ever scans unlock the secrets inside the womb of a wild shark.

Scientifically accurate models and computer animation.. reveal these extraordinary stories of life before birth

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