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Songs Used.
1.My Milkshake-Kelis
2.He'll punch you in the fat, guy-Smosh
4.I'm A Gangster-Josh Toblin
5.Numa Numa-O-Zone
6.Circle Circle Dot Dot-Jamie Kennedy
7.Peanut Butter Jelly Time-Family Guy
8.Mama Mia-ABBA
10.I'm Fat-Weird Al Yankovic
11.I believe I can Fly- R.Kelly
12.Gotta Catch them All-Pokemon
13.Eat it-Wierd AL Yankovic
14.Pikachu Rap-Pokemon
15.I hate Big Butts-Weird Al Yankovic
16.Barbie Girl-Aqua
17.So Damn Stupid-NigaHiga
18.Fanny Pack-Josh Tobin
19.Pretty Fly For a White Guy-IDK
20.Boom Boom Boom-Venga Boys
21.Put A Banana In your Ear-Charlie The Unicorn 2
22.I've Got a Jar Of Dirt-Jack Sparrow
23.I kissed A girl-Katy Perry
24.Yank That Cameltoe-NigaHiga
25.Beer Is Good-Psycostick
26.I'm Blue-Eifel 65
27.I will Survive-Donna Summer
28.The Sweet Escape-Gwen Stefani

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