Adventure Quest - Level 130 on an Adventurer

By: pur3vil


Uploaded on March 28, 2007 by pur3vil Powered by YouTube

Video of me fighting 5 of the
hardest bosses in the game from 2007.

ArMegoggon, Dweezel the
Kel-Al Relish Jr, NerfKitten,
The Elder Void Wyrm..


*Songs used*

1st Song= Bad Religion -
Sinister Rouge
2nd Song= Bad Religion -
3rd Song= Bad Religion -

*Money/ Exp*

A good way to get $$$ is from
Nightbanes Fortress using the
temp Darklaw to kill stuff
fast.... My personal fav...

*Weapons used*

Granite Edge, Raynars Ultimate
Blade and ReignBringer


Reign - the red and gold armor
and Shadow Cloak which was
used on the first fight are
both found from the Alnaphar
Quest on world map.


Gogg is a old Ztoken item
which was removed and replaced
with Pumpkin Golem which is
just as good..

*Change menu colors*

Click the diagonal bar that
connects from your attack menu
to your name to change the
menu colors

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