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*******www.bLiNdz0r**** - my website (would help if you click on the Ad for future costs in DLC!) *******w...
*******www.bLiNdz0r**** - my website (would help if you click on the Ad for future costs in DLC!) *******www.destroyerpedals**** - the pedal I use! "The Destroyer Pedal" *******www.RockBandParts**** ***********/rockbandparts guitars, drums, microphones and mods that you'll want as soon as you see them! ---------------------------- My first video in HD. I used my new Canon Vixia HG21 HD 120GB Camera, it's amazing. This is a pretty easy FC, I can get it every time I play it, but it's also really fun. I know other people have done it and usually I upload videos of things nobody has done before, but hell, I wanted to try my new camera out. So enjoy. PS: RB2 stock improvement videos are behind schedule, I can't find the same rubber I used before... I may just have to upload the bubble fix without using a rubber example. Small TV?! Why? It's a portable Intec Gaming Screen that attaches to the back of your 360. It has component output and has great graphics. There is NO lag. At ALL. I would rather play on this TV than a big one with Rock Band, because of all the lag that occurs. Yes, I play Gears of War and other games on a 42" LCD TV, not this. I also like it to bring to a buddies house in case we need another 360 and don't want to lug around a 50 pound TV. It is NOT: A portable DVD player A crappy TV A Nintendo DS (wtf? someone commented that)