Ghost Caught on Tape ( Dunia Lain - Lawang Sewu Mansion)

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This Clip is taken from a supernatural-themed reality show called Dunia Lain (the Other World) that aired in Indonesian channel, TransTV, a couple years ago.

Challengers are dared on each episode to stay in various & famous haunted spots/mansions in Indonesia within a period of time.

If they managed to sit /stand still and showed no indication of giving up after several hours, they would be rewarded.

The challenge in this episode was taken place in an old mansion referred by local people as "Lawang Sewu" (Thousand Doors) built during Dutch colonial time in 1863.

In this video, the chubby guy who gave up said he wasn't actually scared by the ghost presence but had to stop because he was more worried about his own safety & life.

Rumors spreading about the reason why the show was canceled not long after this episode shown is that the guy who took the challenge in this video eventually died days after the recording.

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