Eagles Are Turning People Into Horses: The Movie

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Brian McElhaney's 2008 NYU Thesis Film, based on a script he and Nick Kocher wrote that garnered no support or money from any of the faculty, and nearly got him thrown out of class.

Filmed over an INTENSE 48 hours on the budget of about $11, "Eagles Are Turning People Into Horses" went on to become an official selection at the 2010 SlamDance and SXSW Film Festivals.

"Fantastico! Freed from the 90 second constraints of the interwebs, Britanick made one of the best short movies I've seen in some time. High production value, good writing, good acting, action, drama, romance, plot twists and gratuitous violence."
-Jeff Kreisler(IFC.com)

"McElhaney's talents behind the camera are evident in his short film starring Kocher, called "Eagles are Turning People Into Horses"
-Nina Metz(Chicago Tribune)

"A bizarre and wonderful anti-romance comedy about eagles that turn people into horses. Yep, its as weird as it sounds yet more satisfying then you can imagine."
-Jason Heidemann(TimeOut Chicago)

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