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Danny Glover Mel Gibson Jack McGee MOVIE CLIPS click to subscribe Riggs (Mel Gibson) snips the wrong wire, but he and Murtaugh (Danny Glover) escape before the bomb explodes. TM & © Warner Bros. (2012) Cast: Mel Gibson, Danny Glover Director: Richard Donner MOVIECLIPS YouTube Channel: Join our Facebook page: Follow us on Twitter: Buy Movie: Producer: Richard Donner, Alexander B. Collett, Michael Klastorin, Jennie Lew Tugend Screenwriter: Jeffrey Boam, Robert Mark Kamen Film Description: Superstars Mel Gibson and Danny Glover return with director Richard Donner for Lethal Weapon 3, the third in the phenomenally successful action series. In this film, Roger Murtaugh (Danny Glover) is only eight days away from retirement and his partner, Martin Riggs (Mel Gibson), once again manages to get them both into hot water with both the LAPD and the bad guys, who this time are Jack Travis (Stuart Wilson) and a gang of hoodlums selling armor-piercing bullets. Joe Pesci returns as the fast-talking schmuck Leo Getz. A new addition to the cast is Rene Russo as Lorna Cole, a sergeant from internal affairs sent to investigate Riggs and Murtaugh, but who ultimately ends up falling in love with the caffeinated Riggs. "lethal weapon 3","lethal weapon 3 clip","lethal weapon 3 part 1","lethal weapon 3 soundtrack","mel gibson","danny glover","wire cutters videos","wire videos","action thrillers","action adventure","action comedies",blockbusters,"crime action","richard donner","jennie lew tugend","alexander b collett","michael klastorin","choice videos","consequences videos","building videos","martin riggs","roger murtaugh","movie clips",movieclipsdotcom,#AMG:V++++29105,/m/0c1pj,/m/0205dx
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