Audi R8 Vs Audi RS4 Vs BMW M6 Vs Porsche Carrera S

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Uploaded on September 23, 2007 by usurp Powered by YouTube

We took the brand new Audi R8, an Audi RS4, a BMW M6 and a Porsche Carrera S for a ride. On straight lines the M6 was the fastest, RS4 had the fastest acceleration off the line, the Porsche was the easiest to drive and the R8 had the best handling by far.

This video was shot in Kuwait on the Gulf Road. The reason there is music and no engine sound is because most of the video was shot from outside the car and the wind noise was too much. The video was also slightly speeded up because the camera was shaking too much and once speeded up gives a slightly more proffesional looking clip.

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