Twilight: Shattered

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Audio at the beginning: 1. "Tell Edward how much it hurts" - James 2. "Edward has nothing to do...
Audio at the beginning: 1. "Tell Edward how much it hurts" - James 2. "Edward has nothing to do with this!" - Bella 3. "Remember who you are" - Carlisle 4. "I'll make it go away, Bella" - Edward This is a general Twilight video with a heavy focus on the shift that Bella created in Edward's life. I've been planning this one in my head for a long time and I edited it with more ease than I thought I would. DOWNLOAD: + *******www.megaupload****/?d=XVIWR2H7 This is my first time experimenting with filling the new widescreen format. I'm not sure if I like it, but it was worth the test! This is a very...quiet video, until the end. I'm sorry if it's boring! I usually don't put a lot of effects in my videos, and some of the best videos out there have such glorious tricks and quirks about them. This one is really just a story. As I said, it is mostly an Edward/Bella-centric video, with other elements of the series sprinkled in there, such as the hint of war between other vampires, as well as the treaty conflict. It was fun having a bit of Jacob in this video; the bit at the end, "and this war's not over", with the prom staredown, was something I imagined for that lyric almost immediately. Those were some intense times, lol! I mostly just wanted this video to build up to that big battle at the end, not just between Edward and James, but between so many other things, like Edward's thirst versus his self-control and impossible love for Bella. It's kind of a sad song...about the beginning of an end. I got pretty sad making it, which is kind of ridiculous, but it's sort of the first non-cutesie Twilight video I've made. I hope you like it anyway! The main reason I REALLY wanted to vid this song was for the lyric "his love will conquer all". Because it's so TRUE. Despite how freaking messed up Edward Cullen is, there's Bella who always pulls him back and makes him feel like he has a soul. So, the title of the video is a bit contradictory in the long term. They're shattered in the beginning, but thankfully the struggle is worth it. :) Music: Shattered by Trading Yesterday Edited With: Sony Vegas Pro 8 Disclaimer: I OWN NOTHING IN THIS VIDEO! SERIOUSLY! No copyright infringement is ever intended.