Plants Vs Zombies - Full Zen Garden Collection!!!

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After many many days of playing survival endless (where any plant can drop) i managed to gather every single plant (not the marigolds that you can just buy, but the ones that drop), it was hard as hell.

The most evasive ones which dropped the last were the Ice-shroom, Garlic, Pea shooter (ironic since its the most basic plant), and finally the last one which i almost thought would never drop, the SEA-SHROOM, which goes in the aquatic garden, not the mushroom one.

Here is the list of all the plants i got:

Zen Garden: - Pea shooter
- Repeater
- Split pea
- Three-peater
- Snow pea
- Melon-pult
- Cabbage-pult
- Kernel-pult
- Plantern
- Torchwood
- Spikeweed
- Coffee bean
- Potatoe mine
- Starfruit
- Chomper
- Sunflower
- Squash
- Blover
- Grave buster
- Cactus
- Jalapeño
- Pumpkin
- Tall-nut
- Wall-nut
- Cherry bomb
- Garlic
- Umbrella leaf

Mushroom Garden: - Sun-shroom
- Doom-shroom
- Hypno-shroom
- Scaredy-shroom
- Puff-shroom
- Magnet-shroom
- Fume-shroom
- Ice-shroom

Aquarium Garden: - Tangle Kelp
- Lily pad
- Sea-shroom

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