Star Wars: TIE Fighter #03 'The Aftermath of Hoth #2: Red Alert' Part 1/2

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Battle 1 'The Aftermath of Hoth' Mission #2: Red Alert Part 1/2 This comes in two parts because of the tim...
Battle 1 'The Aftermath of Hoth' Mission #2: Red Alert Part 1/2 This comes in two parts because of the timelimit. Didn't die once in this mission. ^_^ "Following the initial discovery of Rebel stowaways, intelligence gathered from the prisoners revealed Rebel intentions to mount an assault on Outpost D-34. In addition to information extracted from Rebel prisoners, members of the Secret Order of the Empire revealed that the Rebels had stolen a Lambda-class shuttle, and the Order expressed their intent to capture any Rebel leadership that may be present aboard this shuttle, should it arrive in the system. As expected, an enemy attack force consisting of X-wings, Y-wings, and Z-95 Headhunters arrived to lay siege to the outpost. Imperial pilots stood by with Assault Gunboats and TIE Fighters to fend off the assault until the arrival of Admiral Flanken aboard the Imperial-class Star Destroyer Hammer. During the fighting, the shuttle Scutz arrived just as expected; Imperial Gunboats quickly intervened, disabling it for capture. To the Empire's surprise, three CR90 corvettes arrived to join the battle just as capture operations of Scutz began. Despite the efforts of the combined Rebel and Mugaari attack, Imperial forces held Outpost D-34 with the assistance of the Imperial Star Destroyer Hammer. " -_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_- Let's Play Star Wars: TIE Fighter Game: TIE Fighter (Collectors' CD-ROM Edition) Released: July 1995 Developer: Totally Games Publisher: LucasArts Platform: DOS This is the Collectors' CD-ROM Edition, wich comes with 2 expansion packs; "Defender of the Empire" and "Enemies of the Empire" So, this is me playing TIE Fighter, Collectors' CD-ROM edition. I have never completed TIE Fighter, and this game includes 2 expansion packs, so I've got a lot of surprises ahead of me. And because I'm a rookie at this game, so I don't know every bonus mission, and I probably die often, but edit the deaths out. Just say if you want to see the missions over and over again because of the deaths. I inform when I die. And oh, this is not a complete extra ultimate edition super walkthrough, it's just me. :) Because of the 10 minute limit, these videos will come in bits and pieces.