Caligula-The Fever Strikes [18+]

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This is the infamous "Caligula" starring Malcolm McDowell, Peter O Toole, Helen Mirren and John Gielgud. This is from a Beta tape of mine from about 1989. This is from the Vestron 160 minute cut of the film. Many version have been released over the years....usually with the sex and violence removed. This has both. While rewatching the film after all these years...thanks to Youtube I dug out my Beta player which has been in storage since 1991...I dont find it as shocking as it was then. The violence and cruelty which was way over the top for its day is standard fare now for all slasher films. If you take out the couple of graphic sex scenes what you have is another R rated feature. But what is wonderful to see is the acting of Malcom McDowell. His "Caligula" is brillant...equal to John Hurts performance of the Roman tyrant in "I Claudius". And I cant forget Peter O Toole, in his prime as the decadent "Tiberius" and Gore Vidals screenplay.

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