Borderlands Max Skill Glitch Tutorial

By: Maulkin


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Ok simple watch the vid or read the following text version :P

1. Start a split screen.
2. have the host select the right play through.
3. Player should select their character they want to glitch.
4. Player 2 should press the A button and a split second later player one should press A as well.
5. The game should load up and the character selection screen will be there.
6. Player 2 should select a lvl 1 soldier.
7. have the host run around then run back to the save post the game saves.
8. Now save and exit and return to the split screen.
9. Player 2 should look at his character screen there should be a level 1 character with no name and your original class.
10. Select the no name guy or gal and start the game Tadaa!!!!!
11. Rinse and repeat for more points.

TIP- If you start the process again but use the no name character from step one you will get double the amount of points you normally would :P

Warning doing this will produce a complete DUPE of your character in the system files, that means it will glitch your quests meaning you should only do this with a character
who hasn't finished the "Fresh of the bus" Quest.

if you ignore the above warning there is a solution, simply start a new split screen and set the host to a brand new character, now play through up to the point you are glitched and have the new character complete the quest for the both of you. Congrats you just unglitched your quests and kept your skills.

Yes this is the final version have no fear :P

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