Selena What Happend on March 31 RARE

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( Thanks To akarenrc for giving me the translation to this video) HERE IS THE ENGLISH TRANSLATION: Narra...
( Thanks To akarenrc for giving me the translation to this video) HERE IS THE ENGLISH TRANSLATION: Narrator: It was Friday march 31, 1995. Selena left her home at 9am; she had an appointment at 10am with her father and brother at the Q Production studios to record her new album. But Selena drove to this hotel, where Yolanda Saldivar was waiting for her to supposively give her the proper paperwork that proved Yolanda was stealing from Selena while managing her boutiques and fan club. Yolanda was accused of stealing just a few days before. It was 11 am at Q productions, but no one was surprised by Selenas tardiness. But at the hotel, in this room, Yolanda and Selena were arguing. At 11:50, the unimaginable happened. Paul Rivera, the detective of the case, returns to the place of the tragedy, 10 years later. Man: Selena was standing there, Yolanda here. We think that when Selena was trying to give her the ring back, Yolanda pulled out her gun. Selena turned to walk out, and from about this distance, Yolanda shot at Selena. Shooting just one shot, right here. The bullet, flew in that direction, we never found it. The door was spattered with blood. Selena ran in that direction. 392 feet. The woman asks, And she opened the door? The man replies, She opened the door, walked in and collapsed right here. Narrator: While Selena collapsed, bleeding to death, her father and brother at Q productions had returned there from lunch. And a tragic telephone call informed them she had been shot. Immediately they rushed to Memorial Hospital where they felt the life of their daughter was ending. But for Paul Rivera, the investigation had just begun when he saw that the one who had shot her was inside a suv threatening to kill themselves. Saldivar was 9 and a half hours inside the suv, listening to the new on the radio, she learned that her friend Selena had died. And she gave her reasoning for her actions. Man: A lot of people cry, they cry and say I didnt mean to do it, but she said nothing. Narrator: at the trial, it was found that she had planned it and that the shot was intentional, not an accident. This is the room where Yolanda Saldivar shot at Selena. Here, little has changed. The same bed, the same lamps are in their place, but the number of the room changed from 158 to 150. Many went to place their thoughts outside the room, many who stayed in the room, and maybe because of rage, were destructive because they were hoping Selena would have never gone there.