Lady Gaga Paparazzi HD WILD RIOT Poker Face Love Game Just Dance Show Bad Romance

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Lady Gaga Paparazzi HD WILD Riot Live Poker Face Love Game Just Dance Bad Romance DIva-

Gives Amazing Maddona Live She also said recently in an Interview that she supports Kanye West!? News!

Gaga, who's preparing to launch a North American tour with West in November, tells The Canadian Press that West made a mistake when he jumped onstage and interrupted Swift's acceptance speech.

But Gaga calls West a "pioneer in hip-hop music" and says that fans should keep in mind that West has had a major influence over all pop music.

She adds that "it's unfair to judge a person because of one thing that they said."

West and Gaga have seven Canadian dates planned on their co-headlining tour, with shows scheduled in Saskatoon, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal.

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