Total Arterial Off Pump Awake Cardiac Surgery

By: docgaganshrivastava


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I am Dr. Gagan Shrivastava, working as Chief Cardiac Anesthesiologist at Gokuldas Heart Hospital, Indore, India.This is a new video in our series of awake cardiac surgeries. This time we have included captions along with the video to make it easy to understand. In this surgery we have done a total arterial coronary bypass using the left and right internal mammary and left radial arteries. Since arterial grafts are known to have better longevity, we try to use them as often as posiible. However there use also depend on lot of other factors like number of conduits required, condition of arteries etc. We are regularly doing various awake cardiac surgeries at our centre- Gokuldas Heart Hospital, Indore, M.p., India. Our team includes Dept of Cardaic Surgery - Dr Shirish M Dhoble, Dr Kshitij Dubey, Dr Rajesh Kukreja, Dr Sushil Jain. Dept of Cardiac Anesthesia - Dr Gagan Shrivastav and Dr Vivek Agnihotri

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