Beetlejuice (Howard Stern Show)

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Beetlejuice from the Howard Stern DVLH *******www.lukehadley**** *******www.jollydwarf**** Lester Green (bo...
Beetlejuice from the Howard Stern DVLH *******www.lukehadley**** *******www.jollydwarf**** Lester Green (born June 2, 1968, in Jersey City, New Jersey), known as Beetlejuice (often abbreviated to Beetle or Beet), is a frequent guest on The Howard Stern Show and a member of Stern's Wack Pack. He is a dwarf, standing 4 ft 3 in (1.3 m) tall.[1] Beetlejuice also suffers from microcephaly, which gives him his characteristic small head relative to his already small body.[2] These and other features make up his unique appearance and style of speaking which is what initially garnered the attention of the Stern show.[citation needed] He has appeared in feature films as well as performed voice-over work.[3] Beetlejuice has performed with various Howard Stern Show related comedians, including those that perform under The Killers of Comedy Tour banner. On Beetle's first appearance on the Howard Stern Show (July 27, 1999), Beetle claimed that he was 47 years old. On the October 2, 2007 broadcast of The Howard Stern Show, Jerry O'Connell revealed that he knew Lester while he was growing up. O'Connell's mother was Beetle's special-ed teacher, and Beetle was such a good student that he did special work as O'Connell's mom's "assistant." "This Is Beetle" Also known as "The Beetlejuice Song", "This Is Beetle" is sung by Howard Stern Wack Pack member Beetlejuice for the The Howard Stern Show in late 2004.[6] The song was recorded by Stern show producer Richard Christy, who then wrote music to accompany Beetle's raw vocals and engineered it into the full song.[7] The key lyrics to the song are "This is Beetle, he's bad as can and he knows he's the best."[8] The song, which Beetle created spontaneously in the recording studio, has been covered by the rock group Staind[9], who included the song on special editions of their album Chapter V. On September 19, 2005, Blues Traveler played their version of "This Is Beetle" on the Howard Stern Show.[8][10]Initially, Stern was unable to broadcast this recording on his Sirius Satellite Radio program because CBS Radio owned the copyright to all of Stern's shows from K-Rock.[11] Stern and his producing staff recreated many of the more popular segments from his days on K-Rock, but attempts to recreate "This Is Beetle" were unsuccessful, likely as a result of Beetlejuice's disability.[citation needed] However, as of May 2006, Stern, Sirius, and CBS reached an agreement to sell the rights for all his K-Rock broadcasts to Sirius, thus enabling Stern to play the song.[11] When asked a question, Beetle typically prefaces his response by asking "Me?".