Picking Up Girls: Drunk Times With Hot Girls

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Is sex alright on a first date? Wondering what girls are thinking when you pick them up? Drunk Times reveals it all in our interviews with hot girls about their pick up experiences. GET BLOOPERS & EXTRAS HERE: http://simplepickup.com/TrueFans

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We've got answers from hot girls:
If you've been friends for 10 years and then he tells you he likes you, what do you do?
What do girls think of sex on the first date?
From a girl's perspective, what makes up a good pick up experience?
What's the best or worst pick up line?
If a guy is hitting on you, what is the worst thing he can do?
How can a guy get out of the friend zone?
If a guy gets a girl's number, how long should he wait before calling?
How do you get a girl to go on a date with you?
Why don't more girls hit on guys and try to get their numbers?
If a random guy came up to you and wanted to make out with you, what should he do?

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