"MARY & TIM" Starring: Candice Bergen & Thomas McCarthy

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I absolutely adore this movie and couldn't help but make a video to it. The movie stars Candice Bergen
and Thomas Mccarthy. It is based on the novel "Tim", about a love that develops between a mentally challenged young man and the older, lonely widow who takes him under her wing. It is a remake of the 1979 film "Tim", which starred Mel Gibson. I personally like this one much more than the original. The film is relevant to Bergen at a time in her life when she had just lost her husband, director Louis Malle, who died a year before "Mary & Tim" was released. I think the song fits both the movie and Bergen's life experiences which is why I chose to use it. I hope you enjoy it and please, don't forget to rate, comment, favorite, and subscribe!

Song: Happy by Leona Lewis

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