Let's Play Bioshock 2! Part 1: Welcome (Back) to Rapture.

By: MilesTheWolfman


Uploaded on November 03, 2011 by MilesTheWolfman Powered by YouTube

Ok, here's the re-edited re-uploaded version of Part 1. I think I figured out the problem with the video. The audio as I said, can't be fixed on this part, but for the next part it will be. Thank you for your understanding.
So, here it is. Let's Play Bioshock 2. My plans have changed so much lately because of college and work, so I've picked this up as my current project.
I would like to thank StudentOfCelestia for giving my friend DizzyLPs (Go subscribe to him if you like my stuff, or ponies.) a working copy of Fraps who then passed it on to me, so I can work on PC projects.
So, I don't play FPS games often, and when I do, its usually on a pad, not a mouse and keyboard. Even though the game is on Easy, will I fail? Well, we're going to find out.

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