Fixing a Dislocated Shoulder

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Published 13 Oct 2009
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Pedro dislocates his shoulder.

Since I've been getting some replies about this I'll give an explanation of the situation.  Hopefully it will help.  

The man in this video dislocated his shoulder swimming.  His arm was caught in some cord while he was swimming and his arm dislocated from his shoulder blade.  You will know when this happens because of incredible pain, stiffness and how unnatural the arm looks.  We waited for at least an hour panicking and not knowing what to do because he had no insurance... hence no emergency room.  We gave him liquor in the meantime (not sure if this has any medical benefit but it helped him relax and it eased some of the immense pain he was having).  I found a military training video which demonstrated this technique.  This was my first time ever performing this technique and I have no medical training.
I placed a folded towel under his armpit and put my foot on the towel.  I sat down with my right leg along his torso.  I then held his forearm just above the wrist.  I straightened my leg and then leaned back slowly until his shoulder popped back into place.  

As you can see it was not instantly popped back into place, I had to pull fairly hard. 
I am told, the sooner the shoulder is replaced, the less risk there will be for long term damage.  The military video recommended minimal use and a sling for the injured arm for at least 6 weeks.  Pedro did not follow this recommendation and a few weeks later his shoulder popped out again.  It fixed itself this time when he fell to the street.  He then gave it a few weeks to heal and began to play drums again (which exercised the muscles around the shoulder). He reported that the exercise seems to be helping.
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