Alla Pugacheva 3 Happy Days - Три счастливых дня

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Alla Pugacheva 3 Happy Days got to the Top 20 in March of 1990 where it spent incredible 12 months !!!! having reached to the top of the charts in October. The story behind the song is very interesting. In the end of June 0f 1982, Alla went to Paris. She was to perform at the stage of legendary Olympia. Alla performed Arlekino, How disturbing is this way, The Kings, The woman who sings, Wait for me and remember and other songs, all of them in Russian. The next day France Soir wrote an article where it was said that two hours on stage was enough to lift a singer unknown to them before to the level of the world famous stars. The concert was a big success. Alla's dream came true. She was singing on the stage where used to sing her favourite chanteuse Edith Piaf. When Pugacheva returned to Moscow, her friends came to share that joy with her. In the middle of the party, she got to the piano and played a very sad melody that she composed in Paris. She said, "I spent in Paris only three happy days..." Ilya Reznik was touched by music and by the words Alla said, so that very night he wrote the lyrics about three days... That was in 1982,,,, It would be seven more years before Pugacheva release this amazing song. A master-piece, a genius piece of art!!! I consider "Three happy days" one of the best Pugacheva's songs. One of my favourite, the soundtrack of my life. This upload is for my friend Sasha from Canada... Алла Пугачева - Три счастливых дня. Enjoy!!!

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