Allah & Quran Our Guide & Saviour Naat Nasheed Hamd in English

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Al Quran for Truth, Wisdom, Enlightenment, Inspiration and Salvation

In the Holy Month of Ramadan and the whole year around read Al-Quran and be Virtuous.

(Written, Composed and Rendered by: Hamid)

This Earth, this World, is like a drop in the sea.
May Heaven be our final destination, which is beyond Infinity.

The tests and the trials of this world make us blue.
Fighting the devil is the hardest thing, we ever, have to do.

Thats how years and days of our lives quickly go by.
To Allah alone we cry, who is always around us and close by.

Allah! Allah!! Has commanded us to be Charitable and to pray.
If we follow Allah and his Messengers regime, we cannot, go astray.

We ought to repent, for the sins we commit, whenever we do.
And pray for bright gainful days and peaceful shiny nights too.

We strive to, purify our soul, obey Allah, his commands uphold.
God is everywhere so we are told; our connection with him ought to be, as good as gold!

He (swt) lives in our hearts, his mercy and blessings enormous, & beyond.
If we please Him (swt) He (swt) will give us Health, Wealth and Happiness that are abound.

When we sacrifice, and give up something for his sake,
He always rewards us, with lots of things better and durable in its place.

Allah! Allah!! Allah!!! Allah!
Allah & His Quran is our guide and savior, we must not defy
And if we lead our lives without them, our soul will swelter, it will whither and will die.

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