Indonesian Pencak Silat Tunggal Wajib and Wiraloka Wajib

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He is Hassei's boyfriend. hassei is Shireishou's sister. He does Pencak Silat. Pencak Silat is Indonesian traditional martial art. But pencak silat not only appear in Indonesia ^^ Silat is from the word SILATurahmi. As Yuda's said in Merantau.. "Silaturahmi itu artinya tidak boleh menyakiti orang lain.. awak kemarin tidak menyakiti dia kan? yah menyakiti harga dirinya sikit.. tapi ia tak terluka kan?"

This video is Pencak Silat Tunggal Wajib and Wiraloka Wajib that he learn when he followed Pencak Silat Tournament few years ago.

It recorded by digital camera in our house. So sorry for lag video movement and bad camera shoot. I'm amateur. lol

Because I want to match between the video and the song. So some of the movement I make it faster and some are slower ^^

But hope you like it

PS: This video made for introduce pencak silat to the world and for Berandal movie video casting. Wish us luck!

Pencak Silat and Merantau LOVE U FULL! :D

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