Matheus Manente - Octavarium (Razor's Edge) Solo

By: MatheusManentee


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Beautiful solo from the last part of "Octavarium", V - Razor's Edge.

This is the first time I upload a video of myself playing, so it's kind of a test.
I hope to make better videos in the near future.

I mixed the original song in order to remove all I could from the original guitar solo. Yet, I didn't manage to remove it all, so you may still listen to Petrucci at some specific parts of the video.
Guitar recorded with a Pedrone SLO 3 Mod (great amp!) with Eminence GB128 and a SM57 on axis.

Guitar: Cort Z42 (Seymour Duncan JB Bridge / Sérgio Rosar Heartbreaker Neck)

Music by: Dream Theater.
Album: Octavarium.
All rights reserved!

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