George Adamson Born Free

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George Alexander Graham Adamson was born in Etawah, India (then British India) on the 3rd of February 1906.
At the age of 18 George came to Kenya, East Africa in 1924 to work on his father's coffee plantation. Working on a plantation was not suited to his adventurous spirit and in the following years he tried various things and worked at many different jobs. Years later in 1968 he vividly described these adventures in his fascinating biography titled 'Bwana Game'(European title) and in the USA titled 'A Lifetime With Lions'. His 2nd book published in 1986 is an equally fascinating autobiography titled 'My Pride and Joy'.
In 1938 at age 32 this tan and handsome young man with sandy blond hair and striking blue eyes joined Kenya's Game Department as a warden. Being a game warden was an occupation that suited him extremely well and one at which he thrived. He met and married Joy four years later. Joy had three miscarriages and they were never able to have children...Sadly on August 20, 1989 George Adamson was murdered in Kenya, East Africa by Somalian bandits when he went to the rescue of his assistant and a young European tourist in the Kora National Park. He is buried in the Kora National Park near to his brother Terrance, Super Cub and his beloved lion friend Boy.

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