Ciara - Like a Boy (Mysto & Pizzi Dance Remix) (OFFICIAL)

By: mystoandpizzi


Uploaded on April 21, 2007 by mystoandpizzi Powered by YouTube

Finally we got the Ciara - Like a Boy remix up. We know alot of people been waiting for it but we couldnt put it up until we got the ok from the label. Its been like a good 2 months but thats how things work in the music industry. Some songs take months upto a year to go through others could happen in days. We're still not sure if this is gonna be the official dance remix or not. We'll find out probably by end of next week or so, hopefully we make it ;) . If it becomes official, then we'll get the final mixed version and put it up on our myspace ( We also got some R&B stuff coming up soon, very soon lol. So far now just enjoy this nice mysto & pizzi dance remix ;). Please leave us feedback and make sure to check out our official website/blog @ . Take care..

-Mysto & Pizzi

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