Kyle XY: Kyle and Amanda (Part 2)

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From the episode to "Free to be you and me" of Season 2 to the season 2 finale episode "I've had the time of my life."
The first song is "She Could Be You" by Shawn Hlookoff, featured throughout season 2.
The second is "Love Like This" by Natasha Bedingfield ft. Sean Kingston.
Thank you for watching! Check out Part 1, for the beginning relationship of Kyle and Amanda.
Thanks for watching!

Also, please leave feedback as this is my first fan vid! thanks =]

List of Episodes:
0:16-0:53 Come to Your Senses 205
0:53-1:44 Free to be You and Me 207
1:44-2:28 What's the Frequency, Kyle? 208
2:28-2:46 Ghost in the Machine 209
2:46-3:14 House of Cards 210
3:14-3:21 Hands on a Hybrid 211
3:21-3:38 Lockdown 212
3:38-4:01 To C.I.R, with Love 214
4:01-4:28 Great Expectations 216
4:28-6:05 Grounded 217
6:05-6:43 Between the Rack and a Hard Place 218
6:43-7:01 The First Cut is the Deepest 219
7:01-7:10 Primary Colors 220
7:10-7:36 Grey Matters 221
7:36-8:25 I've Had the Time of My Life (Prom finale) 223

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