Let's Play: Puzzle Quest - Galactrix (P1) HD

By: Arm4g3dd0nX


Uploaded on March 11, 2009 by Arm4g3dd0nX Powered by YouTube

I'm doing a narrated let's play for Puzzle Quest - Galactrix. Part 1. Full HD Quality.This game is unlike almost any other game made. It includes RPG elements, trading of resources, space combat, exploration, quests, etc. So what genre is it? A puzzle game of course! This game proves you can have fun with a simple base. Everything you do depends on how well you do the same or similar type of Bejeweled-esk puzzle game from the fighting to the hacking to the trading. I have to say I'm rather impressed with it.This is my absolute first time playing it but the learning curve is in a matter of minutes. You do, however, get more and more adept at the puzzle as you learn strategy. This is a wonderful game for honing your logical skills, while getting the same feeling of achievement only an RPG can give.

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