Paragliding Tierra Negra, Merida, with Piojo

By: Geraldorivera


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Tandem paragliding high in the Venezuelan Andes in Merida with trained paraglider instructor and expert mountaineer Jose Albarran (aka Piojo) of Fanny Tours and Adventures.

It's a pretty exciting feeling flying over the Chama River valley from the jump off point at Tierra Negra down to Las Gonzalez.

I have to admit, I had a few white knuckle moments during the turns, but Jose was great and made it all seem easy.

That said, after 45 minutes in the air all I wanted was a drink of something strong.

No worries. Jose's friend in Las Gonzalez makes his own chuchuguaza - the strongest cane-alcohol home brew I've ever tried.

I could have done with some chuchuguaza before I put on the harness and jumped off the side of the mountain.

Tierra Negra is at 1,500 metres above sea level and it's a 900-metre descent to the valley floor.

But a few shots of jungle juice certainly hit the spot when I got down again.

Eat your heart out Jack Osbourne.


Thanks Jose.

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