Dota Allstars Video The Legend of MYM

By: MalcolmTN


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Hi !
I am malcolm[tn] aka _holod_ - the mym fan.You can see my profile at :[TN].html
Here you will see my first serious dota video
It is about the greatest and my favorite dota team called MeetYourMakers
I made this video to remember old game moments during that time when mym was struggling with SK-gaming and especially with the very strong team VIrtus Pro for leadership. It was great time!ward wars ,gangs,mass dagers etc
On youtube,com this video is shorter that 10 min and i had to cut 1 the last minute of titles
and if you want to see it in high quality (and see the last cutted minute ^_^)
i recommend you to download a high quality video, links:
I still love and miss you guys and hope that you will meet together and found a new team, the strongest like it was, gl in future
p.s. mym and slahser will always be in my heart

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