Man Attacks Deputy With Knife

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Subscribe Now To Catch All Of The Action! -- CLARENDON COUNTY, SC - Dash cam footage from a Clarendon County sheriff's deputy's cruiser caught the moments where the deputy came inches away from being stabbed. According to Clarendon County Sheriff Randy Garrett, one of his deputies was writing a ticket to the driver he pulled over on Highway 571 around 1:30 p.m. on Monday 8/13 when 37-year-old Anthony Pearson approached him. Garrett says Pearson, carrying a backpack and an open umbrella, stops, puts down his backpack, pulls out a butcher's knife, and lunges toward the deputy. In a split second, the deputy pulls out his side arm and shoots Pearson in the leg, just missing a potential stab wound by just moments. The deputy is okay and was not injured. Pearson, however, was transported to Clarendon Memorial Hospital where he is currently in intensive care. Pearson also has prior incidents with officers. Garrett says Pearson was shot by an NYPD officer after he attempted to attack the officer. He was also arrested in Manning when he tried to attack a Manning Police officer with a brick about a year and a half ago. The driver of the car who got pulled over is back home in Pawley's Island. We're told he was shaken up. As for the video, Garrett says it will be used for training to show officers to hope for the best and be armed for the worst.
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