Let's Play Mario Vs. Donkey Kong #15 - Battle of the Ages [18+]

By: ShadowMarioXLI


Uploaded on July 23, 2009 by ShadowMarioXLI Powered by YouTube

In this episode of Mario vs. Donkey Kong, Mario continues to go through Twilight City, but before he can reach the end, he must escort his Mini-Marios past conveyor belts, spike pits and electrical currents to the safety of the toy box. After that, he encounters Donkey Kong, who tries to throw bob-ombs on conveyor belts leading to Mario. By utilizing conveniently placed switches and avoiding electricity, Mario manages to reverse the conveyor belts and hit Donkey Kong with his own weapons. Finally cornered, Donkey Kong realizes that he does not have any toys left in his bag, as he dropped them all while he was running. As a result, he is laughed at by Mario, all of the Mini-Marios and even the three Toads from the Toy Company. Angry at this, he kidnaps the Toads and climbs high on a skyscraper, from which he bombards Mario with barrels. Being the hero that he is, Mario saves the Toads, who help Mario by giving him barrels. Using these barrels, he knocks Donkey Kong off of the large building and down...onto a truck full of toys. The cycle repeats itself again, as Donkey Kong takes those toys and runs off. Get ready for the plus levels!

The following levels/features will be covered in this video:

World 6-7 (Mini-Mario)
World 6-8 (Boss)
Donkey Kong (Main)
Credits (First Version)

This is probably the best I have ever done on the battle against Donkey Kong at the end of the main worlds, so I'm really glad that this was the playthrough I captured on film. Enjoy!

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