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http://fourblogger.com/20-best-niche-blogs-that-stand-out-from-crowd/ Start a blog with a top & best niche. Here 20 best niche blogs listed. You will know why they listed when you look on those blogs. These top best niche blogs concentrate on building great quality content, clear & beautiful design and monetizing through different ad programs to make money. These top niche blogs never worry about their traffic and promotional methods. Content itself promotes those blogs.

If you want to make money blogging then choosing a best niche is crucial step. If you choose best niche, then as a niche blogger you will be getting plenty of content ideas for blog. You never need to worry for blog post ideas.

The best hight traffic niche blogs included in the list are

1. Games Niche blog - Farmvillefreak.com

2. Design Tutorials niche - Blenderguru.com

3. Design Niche blog - creativenerds.co.uk

4. Personal development niche blog - Farbeyondthestars.com

5. Kids niche blog - goodtrueandbeautiful.com

6. Mountain Biking Niche blog Mountain.bike198.com

7. Make Up and Beauty Niche blog Makeupandbeauty.ie

8. Sports Niche blog Cricketwithballs.com

9. Meditation Niche blog freemeditation.com

10. Healthy Foods Niche blog healthyblogsnack.com

11. Fitness Niche blog Lowcarbdietsecret.com/blog

12. Kids Niche blog Kiddiescornerdeals.com

13. Journalist Photography Niche blog Joemcnally.com/blog

14. Wedding Niche blog Stylemepretty.com

15. Fashion photography Niche blog Fashionphotographyblog.com

16. Amazon Reviews Niche blog Angga.web.id

17. Inspiration Niche blog Webdesigncore.com

18. Lifestyle NICHE blog Jungleoflife.com

19. T-shirts Niche blog Troundup.com

20. Food Niche- blog foodcurated.com

High traffic blogs, I hope, revealed you what should you concentrate on your blog to get traffic.

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