(Lyrics & English Translation) Aik Alif, Noori & Saieen Zahoor, Coke Studio

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Lyrics: "Aik" means one and "Alif" is the first letter of Arabic language. The English equ...
Lyrics: "Aik" means one and "Alif" is the first letter of Arabic language. The English equivalent of "Aik Alif" would be "Just the letter A". ♪ Par Par Aalim Tay Faazal Hooyon ♪ ≈ Read and read, you became a scholar, a great man ≈ ♪ Way Kaday Apnay Aap Nu Parya Naaeen ♪ ≈ Oh you never read your own self ≈ ♪ Baj Baj Warna Ayn Mandir Maseeti ♪ ≈ Running always you enter temple and mosque ≈ ♪ Way Kaday Man Apnay Wich Waya Naaeen ♪ ≈ Oh you never entered your own heart ≈ ♪ Larna Ayn Roz Sheytan Day Naal ♪ ≈ Everyday you fight with the devil ≈ ♪ Way Kaday Nafs Apnay Naal Larya Naaeen ♪ ≈ Oh you never fought your own self / soul ≈ ♪ Bulleh Shah. Asmaani Udthiyan Pharona Wayn ♪ ≈ Bulleh Shah. You try to grab the birds that fly in the sky ≈ * Meaning: reaching for the unreachable * ♪ Way Jera Ghar Betha Onu Pharya Naaen ♪ ≈ Oh you never tried to grab the one thats sitting home ≈ * the "one" meaning yourself * * it means you preach others but dont check your own colar * ♪ Bus Kareen Oh Yaar ♪ ≈ Let it go oh friend ≈ ♪ Ilmoo Bas Karin Oh Yaar ♪ ≈ Whats the use of learning books upon books, oh friend? ≈ ♪ Ni Mein Jaana Jogi Day Naal ♪ ≈ I have to go with the jogi ≈ * Jogi is someone who denounces worldly pleasures * * This line is referring to what Heer Said to Ranjha in the famous Punjabi love story of "Heer Ranjha" * * Ranjha became a jogi when he heard that Heer's parents married her to someone else. He would go house to house telling people to become jogis and people would give him something to eat and stuff. One day by conincidence, he went to the house where Heer was married, when Heer saw ranjha she said the line the singer is singing * ♪ Jo Na Janay Haq Ki Taqat ♪ ≈ One who doesnt know the power of truth ≈ ♪ Rab Na Devay Usko Himat ♪ ≈ Lord doesnt give him / her strength ≈ ♪ Ham Man Kay Darya Mein Dubay ♪ ≈ We are drowned in the river of heart ≈ ♪ Kesi Meya Kya Manjdaar ♪ ≈ Who needs a boat? What is a shore? ≈ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- NOTE: This song is produced by Coke Studio in collabration with the Noori band and Sain Zahoor. The original video is hosted at the "cokestudio" channel in youtube. The purpose of uploading this video is to spread the message of this song to people who dont understand Urdu or Punjabi by translating it into English. I have no intentions of making money from this video and the sole purpose is to spread the message of this song. I will try my level best to translate the lyrics into understandable terms but if I have made a mistake, do feel free to correct me and I will correct it.. Thank you and spread the love. -Gujjar