DIY: How to Hotwire and Steal a Car

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Everything you need is in the commentary.

Yellow and blue wires. Green and red wires.

A drunken man describes the process of hot-wiring a car, also known as "how a thief can steal your vehicle".

Jak ukrasc samochod. Voler un automobile. We might as well have fun since cars will cease to be useful within the next generation.

In this most popular realtime abstract video which is most useful as audio, the beer disperses sunlight into a shape-shifting color bend called caustics.

The frame has been composed to form a high depth of attainable energy (note the black stripe throughout). This is the wooden top of a corner patio table at Ronnie's Local 069 on planet X.

This video is also practical proof that the only method of using acquired knowledge from university-level experimental motion picture and media class is to use it WHILE the surface level is meaningful to the exoteric majority.

This is also a good starting spot for a beer commercial. Please comment your experience so this video can thrive as a rhizome of good car theft Do-It-Yourself information.

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