Kontac PTBTV Interview (STAY IN SCHOOL Keak Da Sneak E-40 San Quinn RICHMOND Bay Area RAP) [18+]

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PTBTV aka Pushin' The Bay EXCLUSIVE! In this exclusive / raw video, Emcee T speaks with Bay Area artist Kontac head of the "Stay In School" movement.

Kontac born in EAST PALO ALTO in the late 70's moved to Richmond in 1987 fell in love with hip hop in the 80s with the artists such as THE FAT BOYS, RUNDMC, LL COOL J, but it was NWA, TOO $HORT, and M.C. HAMMER that really caught his attention when my parents separated my father was the one who introduced me to the music of TOO $HORT via dubbed cassettes, started rapping in the late 80's.

Kontac recorded first music in 1993 hooked up with cousin/producer CHOLLY J in 1994 and started doing music together first 2 songs he ever recorded ended up on a film CIRCLE OF PAIN which in 1995 was SHOWTIME cable networks number one independent film then in 1997 hooked up with the legendary producer MR.MIXX from the group 2 live crew toured with them performing in front of 30,000 fans all around the country in 1997 dropped the single GHETTO BOOTY featuring 2 live crew sold over 10,000 units around the country and was on the billboard top 100 r n b hip hop singles ..67, 78, 85, 96,98 five weeks straight also featured in the SOURCE and RAPSHEET magazine also led to a meeting with HOOBANGIN RECORDS ran by West Coast legend MACK 10.

Kontac was gonna be signed to them but they lost there deal with PRIORITY RECORDS let down but kept his head up 2000 had 2 songs in the BET comedy MIDNIGHT BLUE 2003 dropped the album with fellow Richmond m.c. ERASE-E THEY GOT SOME SHIT ON THERE selling over 2,460 unit with little promotion also featured in the SOURCE magazine in the independent day section next year dropped the hit compilation THIS IZ RICHMOND bringing together over 25 of RICHMONDS BEST selling over 2,700 units and getting love from cities all over 2005 dropped BEATS BY THE BAY SOMTHIN TO SAY selling a whopping 12,876 units nation wide and was featured in the XXL magazine also made the cover of SOUTHWESTBOUND magazine.

Kontac is in the studio right now finishing his long awaited debut album MIND OF A PLAYA HEART OF A SOLDIER features FEDERATION, SEANT, MAC N AK, ERASE-E, YABOY, JACKA, SAN QUINN, JT THE BIGGA FIGGA, 2 LIVE CREW, CELLSKI, LAROO, FLOWMASTERS INC, J-SLIM and more. PRODUCTION from MAC PACHINO, SEAN-T, KANE, TATEM1, and his cousin CHOLLY J look out for the hit singles I LIKE and STEEL GOING DUMB album drops SUMMER 2008 also look for the kids single STAY IN SCHOOL featuring some of the bays best XXL with 2pac on cover page 50. Kontac is trying to do the damn thing.

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