Mike Posner - Please Don't Go Parody (by MattyBRaps)

By: MattyBRaps


Uploaded on January 10, 2011 by MattyBRaps Powered by YouTube

Hi, I'm MattyB! I just turned 8 years old and I'm an artist who started here on YouTube. This is my video I made to Mike Posner's song, "Please Don't Go". I hope you like it! While this is just a video for fun... I want to tell you about the story behind it...

I recently visited a homeless shelter with my family where we took snickers bars to the people who were there in need. It was so cool to see how much everyone LOVED the candy we passed out and it inspired me to create a lemonade stand in my neighborhood to help raise some more money for more snickers bars!

What I've learned is that it's really easy for us to take all the things we have around us for granted! It's amazing how far a little kindness, effort, and love will go! You should totally pass it on!!

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