Sin Miedo a Nada--CardCaptor Sakura

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hola!! aquí traigo mi 6ºAMV(no iba a ser la unica fan del planeta que no hiciera un video sobre esta serie, no??)XDD, la cancion es de Alex Ubago y Amaia Montero, dejad comentarios plisss!!!

hello! thi is my 6th AMV(I'm not going to be the only one fan to not to make an AMV about this anime!!)XDD this song is sung by Alex Ubago and Amaia Montero.Please, comment!!

for those who doesn't understand Spanish, I translated the song here:

Without fear

I'm dying for begging you to don't go away, my life
I'm dying for listening the things you never say
but I shut up and you leave
I keep the hope
to be able someday
to not to hide the wounds
that hurt when I think I'm loving you a bit more everyday

how long are we going to await?

I'm dying to embrace you and you embrace me so strong
I'm dying to amuse you and you kiss me when I woke up
being lying over your bust, until the sun appears

I'm getting lost in your fragance
I'm getting lost in your lips which approach
whispering words that touch this poor heart
I'm feeling el fire inside

I'm dying to know you, to know what do you think
open all your doors
and to beat all the odds
to put my look in your eyes
to sing with you in the dawn
to kiss until your lips wore out
and see everday in your face
growing that seed
to create, to dream, to let it come up
leaving the fear of suffering

I'm dying for explain you what's happening in my mind
I'm dying for intrigue you and to keep on being able to surprise you
to feel everyday that crush on you
I don't care what the others said and what they though

If I'm mad that's my problem
and now i see the world going my way again
I can see the sunshine again


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